EXS Endurance Delay Condoms 12 Pack


EXS ENDURANCE DELAY condoms in a 12 pack  

Prolong pleasure with EXS Endurance Delay Condoms. These natural latex condoms are silicone-lubricated on the outside, creating a silky sensation like no other. They also come with1% Lidocaine anesthetic lubricant on the inside, massage this onto the head of the penis to make sex last longer. EXS Condoms are tested twice for durability and quality.

  • Made from natural latex with silicone lubricant
  • Comes with 1% Lidocaine lubricant on the inside
  • 12 condoms per pack
  • Average Nominal Width: 53 mm
  • Average Length: 192 mm
  • Average Wall thickness: 0.07 mm
  • Tested to ISO 4074:2015 CE Marked and independently tested by the British Standards Institute (BSI)