Profil Original Condoms by RFSU 30-pack


Profil "the original" Condoms by RFSU

Profile is a popular condom with profiled shape that encloses the glans.

The condom is colourless and made of latex. It has a smooth surface and is lubricant coated.

W 53 mm.
C 106 mm.

Profil Condoms

RFSU condoms contain no animal material and can be used by vegans.

This product can not be shipped to the US due to FDA regulations. 

RFSU is among the top brands of condoms sold in Europe. They are made of the highest quality latex available, silicone lubricated and entirely vegan safe. Their natural latex is durable, yet maintains a soft and silky feel for the wearer and his partner.

RFSU's driving force has since 1933 been to change and improve people's lives. This, by education, and advocacy to dispel the prejudices and cure the lack of knowledge. RFSU AB is owned by the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education.

The profit from the sales of all products in the RFSU assortment is used for spreading information, nationally and internationally in sex and relationship issues. This means that when you buy RFSU products, you contribute to improve the lives of people both in the Nordic region and in other parts of the world.

RFSU is the market leader in condoms in the Nordic region and also sells lubricants, pregnancy tests, intimate care products and so on.