Natural Cycles Ovulation tests - 15 pack


Natural Cycles ovulation tests (LH tests) in a 15 pack

They are easy to use, are very accurate and measures with a 25 mlU/ml sensitivity. Dip the strip into a container with your urine for at least 10 seconds, wait a few minutes and read the result on the strip. The package contains 15 disposable test.

Natural Cycles ovulation test measures the Luteinizing Hormone that occurs in a woman's body 1-2 days before ovulation and is, therefore, a strong indication that ovulation is approaching.

The combination of measuring body temperature and LH with Natural Cycles is a good combination for identifying the most fertile days of your cycle. Natural Cycles app also tells you which days you should take an LH test to not miss your LH peak. This usually means about 3-4 tests for a normal cycle. 

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These tests are CE-marked and cleared by the FDA, they are sold in pharmacies all around Europe. The ovulation tests are manufactured by Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co., Ltd.


Natural Cycles is a 93% effective, natural method of contraception that is delivered in the form of an app. It uses a smart algorithm that is sensitive to subtle patterns in a woman’s cycle to determine daily fertility, based on basal body temperature.

Natural Cycles is the only app of its kind to be available in Europe and the US for use as a contraceptive

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