Basal thermometer (Fahrenheit)


Basal thermometer (Fahrenheit)

Our Fahrenheit basal thermometers may look different depending on what country you live in, due to the different regulatory requirements of that country.

To get started with Natural Cycles, you need a basal thermometer. This is a regular digital thermometer but with a higher sensitivity than a classic fever thermometer. It measures to a two decimal point, i.e. 98.31° F, which is required in order for the algorithm to find your ovulation. 

This thermometer also has a built-in memory feature for your last measurement.

Tip: Our basal thermometer is included when purchasing a Yearly subscription as a new user, so you might not need to buy one. 

Usage: Measure your temperature every morning when you wake up and enter the temperature in the Natural Cycles app. A booklet is also included for further instructions of use.


Natural Cycles is a 93% effective, natural method of contraception that is delivered in the form of an app. It uses a smart algorithm that is sensitive to subtle patterns in a woman’s cycle to determine daily fertility, based on basal body temperature.

Natural Cycles is the only app of its kind to be available in Europe and the US for use as a contraceptive

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