LELO HEX RESPECT XL condoms in a 12 pack  

The LELO HEX RESPECT XL condom is like the LELO HEX original but bigger in size. The HEX range gives strength, thinness, and pleasure through the hexagonal structure. This is the first big invention in many years, and the media all over the world call it one of the most important advances in condom technology in decades. 

Completely smooth on the outside, structured on the inside; the hexagonal surface inside bends and stretches for a more secure fit for most.
Every HEX condom is made of 350 separate hexagons, and the condom's surface adapts and molds itself to the user's unique shape. The result is a new feeling of intimacy and comfort that no other condom has ever given, which gives a more sensitive and intimate sexual pleasure.   

HEX™  RESPECT XL is unique in the way that it combines a 0,058 mm HEX™-web with a 0,045 mm ultra-thin latex for a combination of thinness and strength.

Material: Natural Latex Rubber
Thickness: 0.045 mm
Nominal width: Ø 58 mm

CE and FDA cleared