Menstrual cup Evelina M/L from Belladot


Evelina menstrual cup from belladot M/L

Belladot menstrual cup for internal menstrual care is both environmentally friendly and economical compared with other products because the same cup is used time and time again. It’s also a great alternative to tampons if you have problems with dryness and sensitivity because it doesn’t disrupt the vaginal pH balance.

You can wear the menstrual cup with complete confidence when sleeping, working out, swimming or travelling. The cup has the capacity to hold more fluid than a tampon, and so reduces trips to the toilet, giving you a greater sense of freedom.

Belladot Evelina menstrual cup is made from medical grade silicone and is soft and easy to use.

At the end of the cup is a stem for easy removal of the cup. If the stem is too long for comfort, you can simply cut it to size. Evelina is easy to clean/disinfect. Simply boil the menstrual cup in ordinary water for 5 –7 minutes or use Belladot Cleansing gel before initial insertion in every menstrual period.

Tips: It may take a few tries to be confident about insertion. We therefore recommend using a panty liner for peace of mind until you have practice in positioning your menstrual cup correctly.
• Recyclable material
• Available in two sizes

Size guide
S/M for light to medium amounts of fluids. Most often under 30 years old or before childbirth.

M/L for medium to rich amounts of fluids. Most often after 30 years old or after childbirth. 


When not in use, store Belladot Evelina in the bag supplied with your product



This product can not be shipped to the US due to FDA regulations. 


How to use the menstrual cup

Before use:

Before the first use of each menstrual cycle you should boil Evelina menstrual cup in regular tap water for 5-7 minutes or use Belladot Cleansing Gel.


If Evelina menstrual cup is a bit damp from the water it will be easier to insert. Empty the cup every 4 to 8 hours. After emptying it you simply rinse it of and insert it again.

Clean with Belladot Cleansing Gel if necessary.

If the stem that you use to pull Evelina menstrual cup out with is to long, simply cut it of to desired length.

When you pull Evelina menstrual cup out, slightly angle or tilt it so one side of the edge comes out before the other. This releases the vacuum.

If you have a narrow vaginal opening we recommend that you use Belladot’s water based lubricants to make it easier to insert correctly. Do NOT use vaseline or silicone based lubricants.


  1. Wash your hands thoroughly. Squeeze the cup in the middle, start by folding it once (see figure 1).
  2. Hold Evelina menstrual cup squeezed together so that it fits for you when you insert it into the vaginal opening (See figure 2).
  3. Sit or stand in a position that makes it easy for you to insert or pull out Evelina menstrual cup. Unlike a tampon, the menstrual cup is placed near the vaginal opening (see figure 3).
  4. Insert your finger and feel along the edge of the Evelina menstrual cup to make sure it has opened up from being squeezed together during insertion. If not, squeeze the lower part of the cup and turn it slightly to open it up (See figure 4).


Keep in mind:

If Evelina menstrual cup is not place close enough to the vaginal opening there may be some leakage. Also make sure that the small air holes along the edge are not blocked.

If you experience very heavy menstrual bleeding you might consider using a panty liner in addition to Evelina menstrual cup.


Always store Evelina menstrual cup in the included pouch when you are not using it. Never store it in a plastic bag or closed container.

If you experience pain, irritation or gynecological problems before, during or after you use Evelina menstrual cup, you should consult a doctor.