OrganiCup, a period cup available in three different sizes

OrganiCup is an easy and environmentally friendly feminine hygiene product. The period cup is made of a natural material, is hygienic and antibacterial. The cup can be used while you sleep, do sports or bathing.

 The period cup is both CE marked and is FDA registered.

 Size guide:

-Model Mini: for teens
-Model A: for women that have not given birth
-Model B: for women who have given birth or has a heavier bleed

The difference between size A and B is very small (size A is 0,4 cm smaller than size B) but it is still important to use the right size to stop leakage. Size B is recommended if you have given birth vaginally, because the hips widen naturally, and the vaginal muscles have lost some elasticity. But if you know that you are more “petit” and feel that is uncomfortable to use tampons in a size ‘normal’ then a size A would fit you better, even when given birth. 

A travel bag is included that you can use to keep the cup in between use. Instructions for use are also included.


  • Sterilize the period cup in a pot with boiling water for 5 minutes, before the first use every cycle.
  • Always wash your hands before you use the cup. To ease the inserting, you can always use some water or water-based gel. (Never use silicon-based gel)
  • Do not use the OrganiCup for more than 12h at a time without emptying it. How often you have to empty the cup all depends on the amount of the bleed.

To take out the period cup, you press carefully the bottom of it, release the vacuum, and then you can carefully pull it out. Pour out the content into the toilet and then clean the cup with water before inserted again.