10 pregnancy tests


Natural Cycles pregnancy test

Natural Cycles 
pregnancy test is a home pregnancy test of high quality and sensitivity, and it comes with a great price. Over 99.9% accuracy, easy and safe to use. Dip the strip into a container with your urine, wait a few minutes and read the result on the strip. 

With these home pregnancy tests to you will find out as early as possible if you are pregnant or not. The package contains 10 pieces of disposable tests.

These tests are CE marked, FDA approved and identical to the ones sold in pharmacies all around Europe. Pregnancy tests are manufactured by AI DE Diagnostics.

Our pregnancy tests can currently not be sent to Brazil.

Natural Cycles is an effective method of contraception. And so much more. It's the app that gives you the knowledge to get to know your body and truly understand how your cycle works. It's protection with more sexual freedom - minus the side effects.