Basal thermometer (Celsius)


Basal thermometer (Celsius)

To get started with Natural Cycles, you need a basal thermometer. This is a regular digital thermometer but with higher sensitivity than a classic fever thermometer. It measures to a two decimal point, i.e. 37.00° C, which is required in order for the app to find your ovulation. Our thermometer also has a built-in memory feature of your last measurement.

Tip: Our basal thermometer is included when you purchase an annual subscription, so you don't need to order one.

Usage: Measure your temperature every morning when you wake up and enter the temperature in Natural Cycles app.

Battery included: Of course our thermometer comes assembled with a long life battery. We still recommend you to buy an extra battery so you are not left without the day it runs out. You will find one here.

This thermometer is in Celsius and is CE marked. The thermometers are manufactured by UEBE Medical Gmbh.

We also provide thermometers in Fahrenheit.

Unfortunately, we can not ship this product to some countries. Please read more here.


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