Yoppie Organic Tampons 18pc


Yoppie Organic Tampons 18 pc

Yoppie, short for Your Happy Period, is an empowering and organic female hygiene care brand, with a meaningful social impact. 100% biodegradable and organic tampons, without any synthetic materials and chemicals.
Yoppie efficiently complements the modern woman’s busy lifestyle, whilst honouring and respecting both her body and the environment through it’s organic foundation.  Yoppie is also an inspiring social movement where women unite and help each other. For every box of Yoppie you use, a girl in need will be provided with feminine care for a month. Because we want to keep girls in school.
100% certified organic - Yoppies tampons contain only premium cotton
- 100% chemical free, no more fragrances or synthetics which makes the tampons hypoallergenic and don’t affect your natural pH
- 100% biodegradable and completely compostable 
For every box of Yoppie you use, a girl in need will provided with feminine care for a month.
- Each packaging are filled with 6 mini, 6 normal, 6 super tampons

How Yoppie gives back

"Yoppie works with GlobalGiving to carefully select the organizations they donate to and choose to cooperate with. GlobalGiving is one of the largest global grassroots funding platforms for nonprofit organizations. Yoppie believes that a strong partnership is the key to being able to influence. Thanks to GlobalGiving, their resources and knowledge, we can be sure that every organization has gone through a tough evaluation." Read more about GlobalGivings here https://www.globalgiving.org